Episode 35: Brunching for Equality

The campaign for the yes vote in Australia's postal survey on same-sex marriage is in full swing, coming after years of speculation from within queer communities about what a free-for-all public debate on the issue might look like. Digging into the campaign so far, Simon and Benjamin ask whether it's all as bleak as many queers fear, or if this is an unprecedented opportunity to fight homophobia.

'Same-sex marriage No campaign launches; 'Vote No' scrawled in Sydney skies': http://ab.co/2xgPCu4 '

The Project gets mixed reception for gay marriage 'no' ad parody': http://bit.ly/2fisuqH

'Marriage equality would be a victory for 'respectable' gays, but what about the rest of us?': http://bit.ly/2xgbMMS